Reasons to Adopt a Child in India – Women’s Web

In most cases, couples who are unable to produce children naturally are advised to adopt them. Adoption makes it possible for couples suffering from infertility to realize their idea of becoming parents. Many women suffer from health problems that make it difficult for them have a healthy pregnancy. By adopting a child, they are able to turning their parenthood dreams into reality.

However, times have changed a lot of late. Women are more in control of their lives than they were a century ago. Infertility is no longer the only reason for child adoption. Depending upon individual circumstances, there can be numerous reasons for adopting a child. These include:

Single parenthood

The idea of single parenthood is not just restricted to women achiever and celebrity single moms. In Indian society, especially in the cities, the number of single women is increasing steadily. With more and more women focusing on their education and careers, marriage is no longer a priority for them.

Although the idea of marriage is not redundant, many women are now more comfortable with the idea of not getting married at all. With financial independence and changing societal norms, single parenthood is fast becoming a reality. Most agencies don’t discriminate against adoptive parents based on their marital status.

Couples with two or more children of the same sex

At times, couples go for adoption when they have two or more children of the same sex. For example, a couple with two boys may want a girl child or vice versa. As they have no control over the natural child, they go for adoption instead.

Helping out a relative, avoiding labor pains and the desire to adopt an older child are some other reasons because of which couples go for adoption. Women and men suffering from thalassemia and other genetic problems may also opt for adoption. When it comes to adoption, many women achievers like Sushmita Sen are leading the world by example.

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