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In most cases, couples who are unable to produce children naturally are advised to adopt them. Adoption makes it possible for couples suffering from infertility to realize their idea of becoming parents. Many women suffer from health problems that make it difficult for them have a healthy pregnancy. By adopting a child, they are able to turning their parenthood dreams into reality.

However, times have changed a lot of late. Women are more in control of their lives than they were a century ago. Infertility is no longer the only reason for child adoption. Depending upon individual circumstances, there can be numerous reasons for adopting a child. These include:

Single parenthood

The idea of single parenthood is not just restricted to women achiever and celebrity single moms. In Indian society, especially in the cities, the number of single women is increasing steadily. With more and more women focusing on their education and careers, marriage is no longer a priority for them.

Although the idea of marriage is not redundant, many women are now more comfortable with the idea of not getting married at all. With financial independence and changing societal norms, single parenthood is fast becoming a reality. Most agencies don’t discriminate against adoptive parents based on their marital status.

Couples with two or more children of the same sex

At times, couples go for adoption when they have two or more children of the same sex. For example, a couple with two boys may want a girl child or vice versa. As they have no control over the natural child, they go for adoption instead.

Helping out a relative, avoiding labor pains and the desire to adopt an older child are some other reasons because of which couples go for adoption. Women and men suffering from thalassemia and other genetic problems may also opt for adoption. When it comes to adoption, many women achievers like Sushmita Sen are leading the world by example.

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Transformation in the Status of Women – From Independence till Date

Ever since women began playing  a noteworthy role in the development of the nation, India has been gradually rising as a powerful country. This  transformation of women from then to now is worth crediting. There was a time when the role of a woman in India was only confined to daily household chores and taking care of her husband & children. Today women are today recognized as equally important forces in shaping the future of the country.

Status of Indian Women

Gone are the days when women were considered nothing more than kitchen experts and housekeepers. Gradually, they began to get educated and have today acquired some of the top positions in both the social  as well as political fields. Today, she walks shoulder to shoulder with the men in the country.

After the independence of the country, the role of women in India is fast changing. Many educational facilities and programs have been launched specially for girls. Emergence of special incentives and reservations has further persuaded her to study & work. With her continuous struggle and hard work, she has proved herself equal or better than men in various professions. Her caliber and talent has helped her to reach and excel in every sphere of the world. The role of women in India is no more limited to clerical jobs; Indian women have been adorned with many high office positions including that of the Prime minister, the President, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, etc.

The modern women of today have mastered everything which a woman can dream of. However, to gain complete equality in every arena, especially in the minds of Indian men, she still has a long way to go.

The Changing Scenario

Prior and even after many years of independence, women have to face various social problems. Some of them include child marriages, dowry, death during childbirth, sati, etc. But as women began to get educated, a lot of changes have been seen in the status of women from the last few years. She is aware about her place in society and is no more living in a slumber now. Indian women are confident enough in asserting their rights, making a successful place in every field.

Role of Women in Modern India

The modern Indian woman has left the secured zone of her home. She has now jumped into the battlefield of life, fully armored with talent and fighting against religious boundaries, social restrictions, cultural clutches and emotional ties. She can now be seen working on the same positions and status as men in every field.

Drastic changes can be seen in the life of women from those of the past. But the path is still full of roadblocks and every woman has to travel a long way to improve her status in the society. She must know how to cash in on the educational opportunities coming  her way and learn to empower herself.


Development of every nation depends a lot on the status of its women. It is truly said that a man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart. It is possible to move the cart in the same direction only when both of them pull it with equal force. Therefore, if a nation needs to progress, it cannot ignore the role of women.